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My student was marked absent/late for a particular class in error?

It is the responsibility of the student to meet with the teacher of that class and discuss the situation. If there was an error, the teacher will email the attendance secretary and the correction will be made. No changes will be made without the approval from the teacher of that class.

How do I request a conference with a teacher?

Teachers recommend contacting through email, every teacher’s email is on the website, listed underneath the “Academics” sub-section.

Where do I send notes if my child is sick?

The student can turn in an absence note into the attendance office (located in Main Office).

How does my child request a schedule change?

The student must first receive a “schedule change request form” from their administrator, which must be signed by the parents, teacher, and student. After this is completed, the student can go up to guidance. Class changes should be completed within the first few days of the semester.

What activities does Glen Burnie High School offer?

All students are encouraged to participate in Glen Burnie High School After-School Activities.  Please refer to the Extracurricular Activities Program for details.

What World Languages are taught?
  • American Sign Language
  • French
  • Spanish


How can I support my child and Glen Burnie High School?

We encourage our parents to become involved in their child’s education. There are many opportunities available at our school to show your support.

* Join the PTSA

* Become a volunteer

* Volunteer to be an AVID Tutor

* Join us in our fundraisers

* Sign-up for Bonus Points at Giant Stores

* Sign-up for a Target ―Take Charge of Education Program

* Send in Box Tops for Education to help upgrade our school’s technology

You can find all this information in our school newsletter!

How do students know all the school rules and expectations?

Students attend programs at the beginning of the year (and/or during orientation) where staff members go over school rules and other valid information. Students’ agenda books contain the school rules. The AACPS Student Handbook (español한국어 )outlines school expectations, uniform/dress code, transportation guidelines and other pertinent data to assist students toward a successful school year.

How can students get help if they have a problem?

There are six, full-time counselors to assist students with academic and personal concerns. Additionally, the assistant principals and teachers are available for assistance on a daily basis.

How can my child get extra help from his or her teachers?

Please talk with your student’s teacher to find out when they are available after school for Academic Support.

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