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What is the BMAH Program?

The BioMedical Allied Health Magnet High School at Glen Burnie High School is an educational choice allowing students who are highly motivated and academically eligible to study and explore career opportunities across the spectrum of healthcare profession. In conjunction with excellent coursework options, a quality part of a healthcare-bound student’s education is interaction with medical/allied health professionals in a job shadow or intership setting where mentoring and simulated practice with technology relevant to a targeted healthcare area is central to the experience. Studies in biomedical sciences offer a wide variety of career paths for students interested in entering the medical or health professions. Students learn by actively engaging in real world opportunities alongside career professionals. Additionally, juniors and seniors will have the opportunity to attend Anne Arundel Community College for dual enrollment which allows students to gain college credit toward a degree, a certificate, or a letter of recognition while still completing high school graduation requirements. Upon graduation, students will be ready to enter the healthcare workforce directly, continue their college education along their chosen allied health pathway, or attend a four-year institution of higher learning to matriculate in a healthcare major.
Applying to the BMAH Program
To apply to the BMAH Program, students must be in grade 8. The Magnet Office will accept applications from October to noon on December 4. For more information reagrding the BMAH program, please visit the Magnet Home Page.


Krystal Gulden
STEM Department Chair
BioMedical and Allied Health Magnet
Glen Burnie High School
410-761-8950 ext. 326

BMAH Curriculum


News and Announcements

  • At the Maryland Business Roundtable for Education (MBRT) 22nd Annual Meeting, Glen Burnie High School was recognized as a STEM Innovation School. GBHS will receive statewide recognition as a leader in STEM Education and unprecedented access to programs on Maryland’s STEM Innovation Network designed to accelerate teacher and student growth in STEM. The meeting was attended by the Governor and hundreds of corporate and education leaders and elected officials from across the state.
  • 9th grade BMAH students compete in Anne Arundel County’s annual History Day event
    Myles Lipscomb – Advocates for Change in Unjust Societies
    Robin Roper – Animal Rights and Wrongs: Meat Production – Awarded 1st place in the senior division for an individual Website
    Hanna Moreland and Maddye Nolte- Homosexual Marriage Rights – Awarded 2nd place in the senior division, group exhibit
    Brianna Barone – Jazz: The Secrets of the Musicians
    Hiro Motta – Native American Rights throughout Early American Growth
    Jordan Lazo – Rights of the Indigenous People in the Phillipines – Received Recognition from BWI – Thurgood Marshall Airport
    Ebonie Smith – Working for the Rights of the African Americans: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X