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Athletic Contacts

Spring Sports Contact Name Contact Info
Baseball Head Coach: Brian Kellner

Assistant: Stuart Schmidt

JV: Rory O’Shaughnessy

Volunteer: David Gardner 

Softball Head Coach: Dave Sauble

Assistant: Kelly Leary, Brian McCormick

JV: Ashley Housand

Track & Field Head Coach: Ashley Kelso

Assistants: Darren Towers, Derek Wallace Jr.

Boys’ Lacrosse Head Coach: Richard Deitchman

Assistant: Lou Norbeck

JV: Lance Konig

Girls’ Lacrosse Head Coach: Samantha Null

Assistant: Kaitlyn Scardina

Tennis Head Coach: Allison Butler

Assistant: Daniel Landers-Nolan

Unified Bocce Head Coach: Angela Voll

Assistant: Mandi Hariton