The Glen Burnie High School Board Game Club was founded to accommodate the competitive minds of the students of Glen Burnie High School. Activities for the club include the playing, discussing, and making of various Board Games. Games played range anywhere from random in nature to completely reliant on one’s own skills in order to win. This allows players of various tastes to find and play games they enjoy. The Game Club is held on Mondays in Mr. Campbell’s room, M-108, Social Studies Department, downstairs Media Building; and Wednesdays in Mr. Ecker’s room I-107B of the Industrial Arts Building. Home-cooked snacks are provided at Wednesday sessions. Afterschool meets range anywhere from two to four hours normally, during which the participants play one to two games. Students are recommended to have flexible transportation should they wish to join Game Club, but early leaves are allowed. The Game Club also meets on Saturdays occasionally outside of school for the testing of newly-released games that may be candidates for future game club play.

Games currently being played:

 Settlers of Catan

 Pandemic

 7-Wonders

 Clue

 Puerto Rico

 Carcasonne

 Northwest Passage

 Abyss

 Chess (if you really don’t want to join the chess team)