From the stage, to the audience: lights, film, and audio–what you see, hear, and reminisce from a performance. From concerts, plays, musicals, Techies run performances with their superior speed and strength. From backup batteries to monkey wrenches, they utilize technological stuff and their intelligence to overcome any task.

While they pride themselves on being the toughest and strongest bunch of students in the school, you may find them at other locations in town playing frisbee (or even eating!). But their abilities do not heed a stop there!
With their buldging brains, they often learn about different technological stuff at their disposal. With their great strength and with the help of a pencil, they are able to quickly jot down notes and erase, erase, erase.

Their habitats include the auditorium, drama studio, and the A/V Studio in the Media Center.
While they are the greatest club at GBHS, they are also the most exclusive. Anyone can join the first few weeks of school. Meetings are held every Monday. So if you want to partake on this quest to becoming a super hero, and not miss any action–go to the A/V Studio in the Media Center. It’s waiting there for you!