The current price of the book is $85 plus tax. The price of the book will raise to $95 in March, so buy the book now and save some money!

It is the function of the class to produce a journalistically sound and financially solvent publication that is pleasing to the student body and the community.
Yearbook meets during third period every B-day this year. Any student who wishes to enroll in the course must complete one of the following prerequisites:

Photo Digital
Approval from Ms. Funk
Activities in addition to production of the yearbook include fundraising, book sales, and distribution events. Some members have the opportunity to attend summer camps at Gettysburg College or Richmond University.
Yearbooks may be purchased in one of 3 ways:
1. Online at

2. Jostens in home mailers. Look for postcards and envelopes from Jostens in your mailbox.
3. In school during all lunches, the sales for the rest of the year will be:

February 11, 13, & 15
March 18, 20, & 22
April 15, 17, & 19
Yearbook wants YOUR pictures and funny candids. Upload your pictures to
Parents, look for Recognition Ad order forms in your mailbox during October. All purchases may be made through Jostens. Last day to submit an order is January 31st.

Yearbook Ad